Jennifer and Moses

From the inception of GoSmile Uganda in 2006, it has always been clear that Moses and Jennifer Kiiza wanted economically-marginalized Ugandan children to go to school to provide them the opportunity for a brighter future.

Inspired by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for Social Business and Micro-Credit Lending, GoSmile Uganda developed programs which grant micro-credit loans to Ugandan families to start small businesses so that they may become self-sufficient, earn a fair income, and pay school fees for their children.

Through their passion to improve the lives of others, Moses and Jennifer have decisively molded GoSmile Uganda into the altruistic charity organization it is today.


What drives us

Our engagement is strongly committed to understanding how important income generation is to improve peoples’ lives in an effective and sustainable way.

The problem of Climate Change and other environmental issues has compelled us to create innovative and environmental-friendly solutions in construction, sanitary conditions, building, water and agriculture.

We develop concepts and offer project management consultancy, with the expertise of intercultural management skills and diversified backgrounds e.g. managers, artists, agricultural scientists, engineers, technologists, social scientist and crafts people coming from Africa, Europe and North America.


What makes the core team of GoSmile, Moses, Sam, Jennifer and Sabine smile?
The warmth and happiness of the people!

What we believe in

At GoSmile Uganda, we believe in the resilience of poor communities, in their strength and capacity to create a better future and get out of poverty.

Through our holistic grassroot programs, we empower and equip families especially women and the youth to realize their full potential by allowing the communities to become a portal for social change.

This approach invites both genders to be part of the solution and builds a community invested in its own future ultimately, transforming the face of rural poverty while creating the brighter tomorrow.

Left to right:
Axel Jürging, President of GSU Germany e.V. and Joanna Ruiter, Secretary
Moses Kiiza meeting Prof. M. Yunus for the first time
Our Presidential Team, Peter Cole, Moses Kiiza, Axel Jürging​

Our Presidential Team, Peter Cole, Moses Kiiza, Axel Jürging