Outlook on future activities

Although we already support people with many initiatives, there are urgent issues that we would like to address in the near future.

We will focus on Digital Farming which will have a positive impact on environmental sustainability, resource-use efficiency, and the smallholder farmers’ economic situation.

Our aim is to tap into the creative potential of Uganda’s young population by applying digital concepts to the fertile Ugandan soils to create sustainable perspectives and environmentally-friendly solutions.


From Space to smallholder farmers

From Space to smallholder farmers

In agriculture, digitalisation could be the game changer in increasing productivity, profitability and resilience to climate change.

80% of the food in Africa (40% of the world wide food production) is provided by smallholder farmers. Digital Farming will help achieve meaningful livelihood improvements for the farmers.

Thanks to our team member Andrii Sevryukov and his team from AGRIEYE,
we can implement modern digital tools.

When implementing these programs, we rely on our good network in Uganda, especially with Nogamu – a NGO and the biggest organic farming organization of Africa. Across countries, we complement each other very well with our partner Esoko. A company from Ghana represented in 11 African countries with expertise in Data Management and Data Providing. They deliver an ecosystem connecting farmers to services.

What's in it for our farmers?

  • Analysis and monitoring of crops
  • Soil health improvement
  • Advanced irrigation plans (saving water)
  • Higher productivity
  • Weather, harvest and yield forecasts
  • More efficient and transparent value chain
  • Access to local and supra-regional markets
  • Food security and less wasting*

*Up to 50% rots in Africa before using, due to the lack of transport,
storage facilities and selling opportunities.

We are very proud to have three new experts with a lot of experience on board.
Left to right:
Andrii Sevryukov for digital farming and AI
Rebecca Batwala for project management and WaSH (water, sanitation and hygiene)
Dr. Louis Amprako for sustainable and organic agriculture

Dr. Louis Amprako for sustainable and organic agriculture


Water is a human right

We also aim to provide clean drinking water via our water filtration technology.

We tested different filters and developed several pumps.

The result is an unique combination for a very good price. We will use Ultra-Membrane filters and a manual pump as an option when there is no electricity. After a short introduction almost anyone can handle the filter system. It can last for many years.

Our model for social businesses is the following:

  • Direct sales of clean drinking water at Water stations, Wells, Rainwater harvesting water tanks
  • Sales of filter systems including maintenance toschools, hospitals, hotels and lodges, offices, etc.
  • Sales of filter systems including maintenance to cooperatives, villages, big farms, etc.