Our perspective -
Striving for sustainable prosperity

Through our systemic approach and holistic programs, we empower and equip communities especially women and the youth to realize their full potential by allowing them to become a portal for social change.

This approach invites both genders to be part of the solution by building and investing in their own future.

Until now, our activities have been focused on 5 villages, their surroundings, and some districts/slums of Kampala. We positively impact approximately 2,200 people and families. However, the programs also have a wider influence on many more people in the villages or in the vicinity of the families.

Digital Farming

The GAME CHANGER in Africa’s agriculture

4 Acre_start

4 Acre model

Mentoring program about diverse farming – following the principal of feeding the family first

Give a goat_start

Give a goat program

works without money, the goats are the currency



The look of Empowerment



Sustainable beekeeping to produce and sell high quality honey


How can a brick
change the world?

Interlocking – sundried – environmentally friendly…

Kech Pe Tii

„Hunger does not grow old“

Kyeshero School_start

Kyeshero Mother Care School

An example for the use of MEISTER Bricks

By founding cooperatives and saving groups, the farms or businesses reach critical mass in order to be more successful. By shifting from only paying school fees for the children to the empowerment of entire families or communities, our activities have a greater impact individually and collectively.

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