Our programs

This planet will survive – perhaps – without human beings unless we collaborate.
Borders are not visible on satellite photos; they only exist in our minds.

Our understanding of sustainability goes beyond the environment, the nature, and the planet: we nurture sustainable relationships, businesses, and livelihoods

…and we work closely together, learn from each other and meet at eye level.
With this philosophy, we positively impact ~15,000 people.
However, the programs also have a wider influence on many more people in the villages or in the vicinity of the families.

Digital farming

The GAME CHANGER in Africa’s Agriculture

4 Acre model

Mentoring program about diverse farming –
following the principle of feeding the family first

A Coffee
Love Story

Collaboration with coffee smallhoders

Water is
a human right

Fundamental to everyone’s health and dignity


Sustainable beekeeping to produce and sell high quality honey


“How can a brick change the world?“
Interlocking – sundried – environmentally friendly…


The look of Empowerment

Give a goat program

Works without money –
the goats are the currency

The GoSmile Uganda team thanks you in advance for either of the two following donation options you may opt for:

Your first choice is that your donations are designated for the GoSmile Uganda organization general fund or secondly, you may donate specifically to one of our programs on our website.