Give a goat program

(works without money, the goats are the currency)

We give a goat at the age of 8 months when it’s already pregnant to a farmer. Gestation period is 6 months. One month after giving birth the ‘He Goat’ of the community will fertilize the ‘She Goat’ again. The ‘He Goat’ will be changed all 6 months to avoid inbreeding. After one to two years the farmer returns a young goat to GoSmile.

We have a very special breed (‘He Goats’ from South Africa, ‘She Goats’ from Mubende).
They are resistant to most diseases and they breed twice a year.


We train our beneficiaries on how to take proper care of the animals and we are looking to foster long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with the farmers including the monitoring of the success of the program.