Water is a human right

Water is essential but yet unavailable to many people in the Global South. Unfortunately often you would find very unhygienic sources of water which leads to serious health conditions.


Water Supply Stations and access to
clean drinking Water

We are setting up Water Supply Stations in communities, cooperatives, women centers and schools to provide access to clean drinking water.

Our solutions are tailor-made and environmentally-friendly.

  • Built from eco-friendly bricks 
  • Run by  solar panels
  • Filled by various sources:
    Wells, rainwater harvesting, rivers and streams
  • Provide Power (Power banks) for light, charging, etc.

The stations are equipped with Ultra Filters with a filter capacity of up to 20,000 l per day.

Ultra filters for clean drinking water

We use Ultra-Membrane filters and a pump as an option when there is no electricity.

After a short introduction anyone can handle the filter system and the handling offers another source of income for somebody. The filter is robust and can last for many years with the right maintenance.

The filter is produced in the Netherlands and the membrane comes from Germany.

Water tank facility at Kabushaho-Bumbaire

This water station, which is fed by a well, provides water to:
  • 400 households with 10l of drinking water per day (4000l per day).
  • Kabushaho primary and secondary schools (700 pupils) with 2l drinking water per child (1400l per day).
  • 400 smallholder coffee farmers in Kabushaho-Bumbaire in Bushenyi district.
    All the farmers will use this station for coffee washing in the harvest seasons. Demand for water for washing will be 10 jerrycans per farmer per day (4000l per day).
    Washing takes place almost daily from March – May and August – December.