A Coffee Love Story

Uganda is the second leading African coffee producer but is the leading  African exporter.
The country is also known to be one of the birthplaces of Robusta coffee.

We love Coffee.
Even during the pandemic, Moses Kiiza has built up an intense relationship with the smallholder coffee farmers. It all started with beehives.

We work particularly closely with 2 coffee cooperatives in eastern Uganda  (Mount Elgon Region) and 2 cooperatives in the west (Bushenyi District).  We supported them financially from November 2022 on so that 1 container with 20 tons of very high-quality green coffee could be exported to Germany.

We are partnering with a small organic roastery. Geruga Coffee is a family owned business with Ugandan roots located in Kassel.

Offering Infrastructure

Inspired by Ethiopia, we want to create a Ugandan Coffee Culture by:
  • Selling coffee beans or coffee powder at open markets or on the roads.

  • Creating coffee shops with a Ugandan concept which is clearly based on local suppliers and local food, which appeals to young people and which also has affordable offers.

  • Attracting consumers by offers and promotions such as – ARTS meets COFFEE – with live music, readings and exhibitions.

Impressions of an Organic Coffee Farm

The organic coffee farms we are collaborating with, produce coffee intercropped with e.g. vanilla, avocado, and banana providing shade and the fruits.

The different crops reduce the risk of disease and pest incidence. Rich leaf litter return nutrients to  the soil while the extensive root network improves the water holding capacity.

Pigs roam the plantation and their waste as well as other organic waste provide a natural fertilizer for the soil, plants and trees.

Herbal plants on the farm can be used as insect repellants and for cooking. Another big benefit is the  placement of beehives to produce honey and to pollinate the trees for higher productivity.

Coffee Collection Center Bushenyi

Since a proper post-harvest handling is also required for a  very good quality coffee, we are currently building a coffee collection center close to Bushenyi.

With this pilot project a
  • Big storage (capacity for 100 tons of raw coffee)
  • Sorting area
  • Social area
  • Sanitation
is set up to increase the coffee quality and to offer very good working conditions for the people  sorting and handling the coffee.